Privacy Policy

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act prohibits web site operators from collecting personal information from a child under the age of 13 with out parental consent.

What kind of information does Camp Catherine Capers collect?
Camp Catherine Capers only collects information necessary to send prospective campers marketing information about the camp.

How does Catherine Capers use this information?
Personal information is used to send out our brochure, video, newsletters to people who are interested.  Additional information is used only for conversations we have with that prospective camper and her parents about Camp Catherine Capers as part of their summer plans.

Does the camp disclose information to third parties?
Absolutely not! You should however realize that we bear no responsibility for separate information  collected by organizations we provide links to . These organizations should have their own privacy policies.

Does a camp require more information than reasonably necessary?
We do not actually
require any information. Of course if you want us to answer a question we will need some way to get back to you.  Having your address allows us to send all the information you need to acquaint yourself with Camp Catherine Capers. Knowing a camper's age helps us determine which sessions still have openings available to her.

Can parents review their child's personal information and have it changed or deleted?
At any time, a child or her parent may review, change or delete any of the child's personal information. To do so, simply contact the Camp by mail, e-mail or telephone. Please provide the identification requested below.

How to provide parental consent to Camp Catherine Capers:

Whenever a child under the age of 13 seeks to provide personal information, to Camp Catherine Capers through its web site, Camp Catherine Capers first requires that a parent mail or fax to the Camp the following information.

  • Parent Name
  • Parent Email, Telephone, or Fax
  • Child's Name and  Email
  • Permissions, Restrictions, Requests

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