We also had a Leadership Program for
Counselor-in-Training (CIT)

The camp provided the Counselor-in-Training program to aid young women, ages 14.5-17 in developing leadership and living skills, which will prepare them to achieve their life aspirations. This program seeked to have these girls experience the philosophy of Catherine Capers as stated in the quotation from the camp song, "Life's Mirror": "Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you."  In addition to a supervised experience, these leadership skills are developed through a variety of workshops and lectures covering such topics as listening techniques, behavior modification, values clarification, values and visual impressions. Through these experiences the CITs gained an oppurtunity to gain more self-confidence in orgainizing and directing elements of the camp program, and the value of the camp family, how to manage, and as a team, to value of each other.

As potential camp counselors, the program also strivee to acquaint the CITs with the experience of working with children, by teaching in and organizing the camp program.  To facilitate this, additional workshops and lectures often covered such topics as child growth and development, history of camping, program design and philosophy, group dynamics, new games, outdoor education, camp craft, rainy day program, and teaching techniques for riding, swimming, and other activities.

In the three years of the Catherine Capers CIT program the camper benefited from a progression of leadership training, experience and responsibility.
Each year, a letter of application was be written to the director by March 1, or was to  accompany the registration.  This letter should have included goals for that next summer,  and for the balance of the summers as a CIT.


In the Introductory (Intro) year the full camper program was supplemented by leadership training and experiences.  An Intro is a camper with previous camping experience, who is 14.6-15 years old and had completed the ninth grade. 


In order to become a Freshman CIT, a camper needed to have completed the Introduction to CIT phase of the program, be 16, completed the tenth grade, and have earned the invitation from the staff to enter the CIT Course after completing her INTRO year.  Some winter projects helped completing this requirement.


By the time a camper became a Senior CIT she will have completed two camp sessions of leadership training at Catherine Capers, be 17 years old, and will have completed the eleventh grade.

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