PAST CAMP CATHERINE CAPERS Employment Opportunities -  Postitions that we once employed for... a listing and what might be available in the future when we reopen - if not filled by returning staff (as many staff returned year after year)...  We thank them all!

PROGRAM DIRECTOR/HEAD STAFF: Coordinates all programs, staff coverage and maintains fulfillment of camp philosophy and FUN!

DAY CAMP COORDINATOR: Works with program director to assure appropriate opportunities for day campers. Camp liaison to parents, greeting day campers as they arrive and depart daily.

HEALTH MANAGER: Minimum Training: RN. Responsible for health, safety, sanitation and wellness. Keeps health records up to date, informs camp director and reviews actions of infirmary assistant.

INFIRMARY ASST: Monitors infirmary in health directors absence, lives in the infirmary, and teaches one activity.

KITCHEN & SANITATION: Responsible to our cooks who directs food handling, ordering, meals, food preop and great camping out menus.

HERD MANAGER and ASST. HERD MANAGER: Directs care, maintenance,
and daily treatment of horses. Will also instruct English Riding Skills.

RIDING EDUCATION MANAGER: Coordinates all instructors riding progressions.  Daily Horse and Rider Assignments and works with the Herd Manager.

STABLE MANAGER: Teaches English riding lessons and coordinates all logistics in the daily maintenance and management of the stable. 

HORSE SHOW COORDINATOR:  Teaches English riding lessons and coordinates all intercamp and outside horse shows.

TRAIL GUIDES: Leads, organizes, and executes trail rides and overnight trips. Marks and clears trails and teaches English Riding lessons.

10-12 instructors to teach English Riding lessons, principles, stable management and horse care to all campers. Each will also lead a specific area or specialty:  Dressage, Trail, Showmanship, Jumping, Combined Training, and Drill Team.  Previous teaching skills are a plus!

ZOO KEEPER: Cares for small farm animals and organizes all zoo activities.

SWIMMING/WATER SPORTS DEPT: Waterfront manager directs all water activities with certified instructors for Red Cross Swimming, and at least one of the following: diving, water-skiing, canoeing, sailing, and river rafting. All must have Red Cross Life guarding (or recognized equivalent), WSI, some seamanship skills and ability to teach 2 water sports.

SPORTS & ACTIVITIES DEPT:  Sports Coordinator with other instructors who can teach 2 or more activities: tennis, badminton, arts & crafts, digital photography and photo computer lab, archery, riflery, games, campcraft  and nature. Leaders for: hikes, outings, songs, choir, camp newspaper &  photo.

OUTDOOR LIVING LEADERS: Trip Leaders with experience in outdoor living, horseback tripping, backpacking or canoe trips from lunch or supper outings to 3 day pack-out camping trips. Must have camp craft and woodcraft skills as well as First Aid, CPR, and preferably Life guarding. Good judgment, safety practices and pleasant discipline mixed with endurance and a true love of woods, fields and streams.

Summer Job Contact Form

Summer Address: PO Box 586, 127 West Lake Road, Wells, VT 05774


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