All about the goal of our Horsemanship Program

Camp Catherine Capers was dedicated to providing a challenging experience to promote individual advancement and growth of skills in a fun environment.  Though we use many ways to attain these goals, our main avenue is through a relationship with a horse. Our program has been changing and improving each year, with different staff, since our founding in 1952.  All with the idea that Campers should have an valuable time and get some experience doing different things that we offered, to get an education,  and to have some fun, all as they were provided with a unique opportunity to improve their equestrian knowledge and in a few weeks some skills.

If you love horses and riding, the camp provided an environment where campers can experience: Balance Seat, Jumping, Dressage, Cross Country, Eventing, and Trail Riding. They  can choose to ride English or Western. Our methods of teaching are based in the fundamentals of Balance Seat riding, which are applicable to all riding disciplines.  Each rider is coached in proper form, position and balance in the saddle which will create greater control for the rider and greater balance for both the rider and the horse.  Strengthening these fundamental principles, will allow all riders to gain greater advancement in their riding skills.

Each camper rides within her ability, a minimum of once per day, in one of our five riding rings, our cross-country course, or on trail rides.  Campers may elect, by camper choice with daily sign up sheets,  to either ride again in the afternoon or participate in some other elective involving many of the camps other programs that they elect to sign up for instead of riding.  On rainy days we work on horse care and stable management
knowledge (for those lessons that are not scheduled for riding in the indoor arena).


        A Horse of Her Own... Each camper is assigned a "horse of her own" to care for during her stay. Sometimes two campers will share a horse.  Camp Catherine Capers believes in "hands on" training.  Each camper will learn to groom a horse, tack up her own horse, feed them and care for their daily needs. This experience develops character and responsibility that she will use throughout her life.   

     Recognition..Campers will be given the opportunity to increase their level of advancement in their riding skills through our progressive levels of horsemanship.  The levels include Tenderfoot, Horseman, and Equestrian.  At the end of each camp session, campers are awarded with a certificate .

     Stable Management..Our Stable Management Program is available as an elective and gives the camper an opportunity to explore all aspects of effective horse care through hands on practical experience.  Our Stable Management Program has 10 levels of progressive goals, which the camper works towards.  Upon completion of each level, campers are awarded a pin of completion.  Incorporated into this program are scheduled trips to local equine veterinary sites as well as onsite presentations from local professionals. We  learn about diseases, ailments, and horse health; campers can take horse temperatures, heart and respiration rates. 

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